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Youth Group

Youth group is something so important to fellowship! It  allows you to be around like minded individuals around your age. Youth events include youth directed Bible studies, game nights, movie nights, barbecues in the summer, painting, and MORE. 

Youth Rallies

Youth Rallies are youth led church services. There is typically 1 youth rally a month, on the second weekend of every month, hosted by one of the churches we fellowship with. Every youth rally, we vote on a preacher to bring a message, so each rally can have a different message. However, every message comes straight from the KJV Bible.

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Church Camp

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Every year during the third week in July, our fellowship of church get together for church camp! Visitors are welcome and all ages are welcome as well. There is something for everyone!

During camp week you will hear 9 messages, many devotionals, testimonies, lessons, and more biblically centered discussions. 

Our camp is located in Prospect, OR right on the Rogue River. 

Bible Studies

The Bible is not a book you can read once and understand. It takes time and breakdown to learn the full meaning. Bible studies are an amazing way to learn more about God's word.

We encourage regular Bible studies among brethren, and as a church, we have two scheduled Bible studies a month either at a brethren's house or at the church building.

What to Bring:


An Open Mind

Learning more about God and His word is something precious that He gave us. He blessed us with the KJV Bible to use as a guide to no only learn more about Him, but learn how to live our lives how He intended for us too.

Community Outreach

Spreading the Word of Christ is important to us, so going out into the community is one way we can do that.

As a church, 3 Sundays a month, we host Bible studies at two local memory care and assisted living facilities. We are able to bring the gospel to those who physically are unable to come to a church, and it is such a blessing. A typical Bible study during these includes singing hymns discussing the Bible, talking amongst each other, and prayer. 

We have done open houses as well as community events as well, and we will hopefully have some coming up soon to reach more of the community.

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